Taxi 99

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The application that calls the taxi cab driver near you. One of the best apps to book your taxi and the best taxi services in your city! ► Accepts credit, debit and PayPal ► Taxi in 5 minutes and follow the driver in real time ► Application 100% free for the passenger and taxi driver ► Do you want a cheap taxi service? We have a discount cab for you! ► Safety: Taxi drivers registered with pictures and documents ► Book your taxi any time you want! Let your cell phone with GPS to find the nearest taxi from his position . To order a taxi online in Brazil with the phone simply select your starting point . You see your current location and taxis available nearby. Just use the button REQUEST TAXI , accepting payment options and ready . You can follow the driver in real time , will know which vehicle he will be arriving ( car model and plate) and receive information to be able to get in touch with him directly . ► SIMPLE : Call the nearest taxi with only 2 rings ► TIMELY : See the taxi coming in real time by Google Map ► INSURANCE : All taxi drivers are checked . See photo of the taxi driver before you even get it. Order a cab late night is now much safer with 99Taxis: all our taxi drivers are checked and they all have a safe cab waiting for you any time you want!